King Cinquilla – english

The King card game in a fun and varied variation

King Cinquilla: for four and only for four is an all against all.

king cinquilla

The King is a game of uncertain origins, but this is not so important.
There are versions with a kind of bidding and for this it is assimilated to the Bridge (with the total disgust of the latter’s lover). It also refers to Whist, which is probably older.
Some play it in pairs, but in this way we lose the pleasure of ‘all against all’ that is more difficult.
There are also traces of rules involving more than four players.
In short, there are many adaptations; this version has been designed to make the game more fun and balanced.
Developed for a tournament, in fact, this variant has shown that most of the time, until the last hand, all or almost all the players have the chance to win while, before, it often happened that a player was already unreachable several turns before the end.

the game

You play in four, neither more nor less, with a deck of 52 cards without Joker; every player plays on his own.
The game consists of playing 20 hands according to a precise ladder divided into negative and positive hands; at the end of the last, the player with the highest score wins.
The game is organized into two phases: in the first one, the players have four hands each (two negative and two positive ones) that are played in turn.
In turn, each player distributes the cards and chooses the hand to play.
The second phase, however, consists of four mandatory hands with a specific order.
A match can last between one and two hours; it depends on the players’ tendency to reflect.

A game for everyone and it is not difficult to learn.

See also the rules available on Wikipedia for a comparison .

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